What does your NYMZACON 2024 Passport offer?

NYMZACON 2024 starts on Friday, October 11, with an informal gathering at the Game Room for a meet and greet with attendees and the speakers and cosplayers. This will be a casual opportunity to meet Sesh Heri, Olav Phillips and Walter Bosley, well known authors on the subject of the shadowy NYMZA, the Sonora Aero Club, the Great Airship Mystery, strange geophysical phenomena and much more. Local historian and radio personality Dave Allen will be there, too.

Saturday Oct 12 features the main event – NYMZACON presentation lectures at the Game Room in downtown Sonora, where food and beverages are available for purchase. The first speaker kicks off at 9am PST. There will be a one-hour break for lunch (which is available for purchase from the Game Room menu if you choose not to venture to one of the many restaurants in town). On this day, cosplayers will re-enact a raucus gathering of the legendary Sonora Aero Club in town and you’ll be able to get your photos alongside a life-sized Aero Goosey replica. Following the presentations at the Game Room, there will be a raffle for prizes! One of these includes dinner with authors Sesh Heri, Olav Phillips and Walter Bosley. After dinner, there will be a paranormal tour led by Maliah Grimm through some of the spookier sites around Old Town Columbia.

Sunday Oct 13 continues the fun with a breakfast gathering with Dave Allen who will guide the day’s tour to actual sites Charles Dellschau claimed the Sonora Aero Club launched their flying machines – forty years before the Great 1896 Airship Mystery and a half a century before Kitty Hawk! You will see where Peter Mennis crashed his burning aero, where Dellschau arrived by stagecoach in 1850, haunted hotels and the western railroad museum in historic Jamestown, the ranch where Frank Rosasco spent 58 years of his life investigating Lovecraftian mystery, and Old Town Columbia – a living Old West town where you can enjoy an ice cold gourmet sarsparilla!

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